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The original concrete table. Designed in 1993, the Voss concrete table was one of the most iconic designs coming out of the nineties. With it’s collision of materials and a floating monolithic slab of silky smooth concrete, supported by organic table legs, it is now considered a new Scandinavian classic.

In concrete available in two sizes, 60×110 cm or 75×135 cm and hights 44 cm or 73 cm.

Concrete used for tabletops for interior use, was introduced by Voss Co Living in the beginning of the nineties. Concrete is when handled correctly, a very aesthetic, but a labour demanding material to work with. We have spent a very long time developing the actual methods of casting and the recipe for the concrete. Each tabletop has a unique set of individual characteristics and is treated with a soap solution, making the surface even more smooth and stain resistant. All our concrete tables are one of a kind and therefore differ in color, surface structure and finish. Each table has to meet our stringent quality standards. As with other natural materials, no two tables are precisely alike, so please take this into consideration when you order a table which is not on display. It is important to note that, as with other natural materials, stains or spills will give the table’s patina. However, by maintaining a protective soap layer these can be kept to a minimum and the table top will age beautifully. A maintenance manual is included on delivery, and it can be downloaded here as well.

Allso available with a matt polished marble table top and bronzed solid aluminum table legs.

If you prefer a table top which is extremely stain resistant, we will recommend to order the tabletop in snow-white composite. Our composite table tops are solid surface, meaning that in the unlikely event that they are scratched, they can be ground back to perfection again quite easily, like any tabletop in solid wood.

The table can be made to order with a tabletop in either snow white solid surface composite or marble. Due to the complex concrete moulding method we use, this unfortunately is not possible with the table tops in concrete.

Various types of surfaces on the table legs can be seen in the pictures below, see type of surface under each picture.

Design Morten Voss.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Price from EURO 2.150