For years, we have served our clients with a combination of bold vision and immaculate detail focus. We intend to go on doing just that for a long time.

Our ambition is to see our work survive passing trends, for our pieces to witness your life and passed on to the next generation.

We have built a life-style around what we love. A life-style that reflects our design in simplicity, strength and freedom. We want to have the time to travel the world, linger on a project and get close with our clients. These are our criteria for a successful design studio.

We excel in project direction as consultants for clients within the furniture business, and working as creative directors within interior design, retail, housing projects and hospitality in Denmark and internationally.

Our projects are approached with the aim to recognize and meet clients dreams and potential. With the ambition to push the limits of the finished product. We love elegant materials and burn for peoples right to a sense of quality in all aspects of life. Projects are based on client-DNA, crafts, intuition and functionalism. This special formula provides unique products and spaces with a strong identity and a long life in your home or office.

Our customers are amongst others:

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